Improving Board performance enables organizations to better respond to external challenges and opportunities. Check the software for increasing Board and committee effectiveness in the article below.

How to Avoid Global Financial Crisis with the Efficient Board of Directors

The global financial crisis caused a serious rethinking of a number of corporate governance issues and the place of the Board of Directors in the company’s management system. International expert organizations and state regulators are actively involved in the process of revising the standards of good corporate governance, trying to find the reasons for the not always adequate response of various organizations to the crisis, as well as to develop a common recipe for solving such problems in the future. As a result of the crisis, the owners of many companies began to think more about the need to improve the internal efficiency of their business. The crisis made many think about what corporate governance can provide as a means of building a well-functioning business management system.

Unfortunately, in practice, not all companies follow the recommendations of the best practice and approach the organization of the work of the Board of directors formally, automatically approving the decisions of the shareholders, or fully following the decisions made by the management. Nevertheless, in companies aimed at long-term successful development, especially when shareholders move away from the operational management of the business “in manual mode,” the role of the Board of directors increases dramatically. In fact, in this situation, the Board of directors becomes the most important and practically the only tool for shareholders to ensure ownership control.

Increase Board and Committee Effectiveness with the Board Software

One of the main traits of successful people is that they analyze what they are doing and are not afraid to admit that they did something wrong. Only by doing this can you change it and improve it. The same logic applies to Board and Committee effectiveness.

The Board of directors and its committees play a key role in the achievements and failures of companies, determining the nature of their activities and the main directions of development. Economic conditions and regulatory frameworks present new challenges for boards of directors, strengthening their roles and responsibilities. The software for Board and committee effectiveness shows that improved board performance enables organizations to better respond to external challenges and opportunities, as well as:

  • Regular evaluation of the activities of the Board of directors and its committees improves the quality of decisions of the Board of directors, ensures compliance with the requirements of international standards, strengthens shareholders’ confidence in the board of directors, and increases the investment attractiveness of the company.
  • Regular evaluation of the performance of the board of directors is a tool to improve the performance of both the board of directors and the entire company.
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  • The replacement of officials and the introduction of external directors to the Boards of directors of companies with state participation causes a need for methodological materials that allow members of the boards of directors to properly organize their work. In this regard, it seems important to introduce guidelines for organizing the work of Boards of directors.